Folding Arm Awning

Create a cool, shady outdoor area with a Folding Arm Awning.

Folding Arm Awnings are retractable awnings that provide a fashionable extension of your shaded outdoor areas. Heavy-duty retractable arms mean the awning can be installed with a projection of up to 3.6 metres without the need for post supports. By joining the profiles in a series, folding Arm Awnings can span up to 18 metres in width. When not required, the fabric awning can be rolled discreetly out of sight, leaving no unsightly structures.

Available in a wide range of colourful fabrics, operation is simple, with options including manual crank and gear, push button electric operation or even automatic sun and wind control. Folding Arm Awnings can also be installed with an easy to use pitch control, giving you the adjustments needed to maintain optimum sun protection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable fabrics: Many of the fabrics we use are manufactured in Australia to suit local conditions.
  • Extensive range of styles & designs: We have a Folding Arm Awning to suit a variety of situations and house designs.
  • Choice of controls: You can choose between gear and winch operation or motorised operation.
  • Adjustable pitch: Your awning can be manufactured with adjustable pitch controls. This feature allows you to change the angle of your awning to provide the level of shade and rain protection you require at any given time.
  • Intelligent heat & wind sensors: Let the wind and weather control when to unfurl or retract your awnings with this optional automatic enhancement.