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Maintenance Tips for Different Types of Window Awnings

Window awnings not only increase the aesthetic value of your property but also provide additional protection against weather elements. When it comes to cleaning awnings, many dread this task. However, it is necessary to clean and maintain them so your awnings are not noticed for the wrong reasons. Awnings are made from delicate materials and should be handled with extra care when cleaning.

Here are some cleaning tips to make the process as seamless as possible.

Preparation for cleaning window awnings

Before cleaning your awnings, you need to prepare the area by taking out cobwebs and dirt. You can also remove debris from above or below the awnings since it can easily fall onto the awning.

Choosing a cleaning solution

It’s essential to use a mild detergent that is potent enough to remove dirt and grime yet delicate to preserve the material of your window awnings. It may be helpful to test a small area when using the chemical for the first time. It’s highly recommended to use environmentally friendly products and warm water to activate the oxygenation cleaning process.

Machine wash

Depending on fabric size and material, you may take them down, and simply machine wash them. However, if washing in a machine is not an option, you can still wash your awnings on its frame.

Scrubbing your awnings

You can gently scrub your awnings using a good detergent, bristle brush, and warm water. Allow the cleaning product to soak in the dirty spots and scrub. You should rinse immediately and allow it to dry.

Pressure wash

This is an effective way to get the dirt off your window awnings. Ensure the wand is positioned in a safe way to avoid damaging your awnings. If the force of the water is too much, it can allow dirt to settle deeper into the fabric or damage metal awnings. Make sure to completely rinse out your awning before allowing it to dry.

Clean underneath

We often forget to clean underneath the window awnings. However, it’s a convenient place for birds, spiders, and bees to make a nest. Rinse thoroughly to remove all debris.


Should you need to store your awnings, it’s necessary to keep them in a safe place as improper storing can cause damage. The room should be dry to prevent mould. The storage place should also be free of sharp objects or liquids that can leave lasting damage. Cleaning your window awnings is easy, and you can do this annually to keep them in top form.

Above all, make sure to invest in a good cleaning product and, more importantly, buy high-quality window awnings that are durable and long-lasting.

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