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Three Top Tips for Window Awnings Installation

You can fix window awnings independently if you trust your DIY skills. And if you have been thinking about fixing awnings over your windows, we encourage you to give it a try. To help, we have three tips to make your DIY awnings installation project a success.

DIY projects are always fun, but you should observe some safety measures while you fix your window awnings. Some safety tips include the use of gloves, a safety helmet, a good ladder, and suitable clothing that can’t get stuck in the process. Also, choose a bright sunny day to install your new awnings over the window.

Choosing Window Awnings for your Home

It’s a personal choice, so the best way to make a decision is by viewing different types of awnings and the variety of designs on our website. Some people like brightly coloured awning designs, while others may go for products that have solid colours. Overall, it’s a good idea to choose awnings in Brisbane that match the colour of your walls.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes when you start fixing your window awnings. We guarantee many of the errors you may make can be easily fixed. And you will be proud of your achievement once it’s complete.

Installation Tips for Window Awnings

So, let’s give you the best tips to help you fix your window awnings successfully;

Watch a DIY Video for Clarity

Before you start fixing the awning over your window, you should watch a video tutorial about the task. This will give you a clear idea of what you should do. Videos about fixing awnings can be found online. If you cannot find any helpful information online, please contact us for help. We will explain how you can get it done without stress.

When selecting a video to watch, you should look out for clips that feature fixing awnings similar to what you have bought.

Fasten All Bolts Correctly

After installation, you should be able to use your awnings for many years without any problems. This is possible when you ensure all bolts are properly fastened. The mount brackets fixed to the wall should also be well secured.

It is essential that you check all bolts and mount brackets to confirm every part is properly fastened because your awning is exposed out there. Properly fastened window awnings can withstand heavy winds.

Avoid Fixing Holders for Hanging Plants on your Window Awnings

We understand it can be tempting to make your awnings look more appealing with hanging plants. However, over time those plants grow bigger and exert weight on your awnings. That could cause a collapse.

Awnings look beautiful without hanging plants, and you wouldn’t want to spend extra money on repairs. So we advise you to find other spots around your home for hanging plants.

These are our tips, and we hope you feel encouraged to give it a try. As always, we remain your source of the best awnings in Brisbane.

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