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Different Types Of Window Awnings And Their Benefits

Awnings are used in homes to cover windows, doors, or an entire back patio. Awnings are one of the most exciting outdoor décors. They serve both decorative and functional purposes. For example, window awnings also help prevent rain from hitting your windows. These awnings are of different types and come in solid colours or patterns, such as stripes.

Retractable Awning

As the name implies, these awnings can be rolled up or extended to get shelter from the sun. It is widely preferred due to its flexibility and great for outdoor coverage. It gets better with the retractable window awnings as they can be installed on the roof or wall-mounted. This flexibility makes it widely chosen by many.

The hand crank that comes with this type of window awning allows manual operation. It can also be equipped with a motor to facilitate extending and retracting of the awning. The retractable canopies also prevent dirt, dust, and sun from entering the house from outside.

The canopy is suitable for patios and decks and can be uninstalled during bad weather. Their functions can be programmed to suit different weather types.

Freestanding Awning

They are built with quality materials, which gives them a high amount of strength. Requiring no support from walls to stand, they provide shade for large areas and open spaces such as pool sides and resorts.

They look simple yet beautiful, come in different sizes, and do not need too many installation accessories. The freestanding features make for easy mobility and can be moved from one place to another, offering a quick, cost-effective solution for a shade.

Vertical Awning

Known as the most sophisticated type of awning arrangement, it can be retracted or extended as desired. The vertical awning is also made of quality fabrics to give better durability and provide full shade from sunlight since they can stay at a perfect angle from the wall.

Additionally, they add value and provide privacy to a place. You can find them in a variety of designs. One great advantage of using vertical awnings is they are suitable for hot and cold weather.

More so, you can change the look of your home or business place with these vertical awnings fitted to the wall that can also extend outwards horizontally.

Window Awning Benefits

Now that you’re aware of the different types of awnings available let’s learn about their benefits!

Prevents Water Damage

From private homes to commercial places, window awnings provide shade, beauty, and charm, giving your home or business a great exterior look. If you are concerned about protecting the wood features in your home, like your window frames and shutters, you should consider getting awnings from moisture-related damage.

Reduced Environmental Impact and Cost

In hot summer months, window awnings can prevent some of the sun’s rays from entering your home. Consequently, you won’t need to use the aircon and increase your electricity usage constantly. Your lower energy consumption also reduces your impact on the environment.


Available in different styles, designs and colours, your preferred window awning can be customized to match your existing design scheme. In addition, the user-friendly features of some of the window awnings make it possible to uninstall and keep away when you don’t need it.

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